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Sensus MRO is developed by aviation IT company Locatory.com. The company focuses on providing innovative, web-based MRO solutions for aviation professionals to help them to succeed.

Locatory.com is a part of Avia Solutions Group, an international aviation company with 83 offices and production stations providing aviation services and solutions worldwide. Locatory.com is Oracle partner with 10+ years of success in the market. Since its launch, Locatory.com has evolved into the No. 1 aircraft parts marketplace in the Eastern hemisphere and one of the three largest premium aircraft parts locator companies in the world. Since then it has introduced numerous highly successful solutions, including Sensus MRO.


Locatory.com analyses customer business processes and develops innovative solutions comprising standard procedures and services in the market. Working with industry experts, Locatory.com makes sure that the solutions are well-adapted to the customer needs and not the other way round. Always putting customers at the heart, Locatory.com provides with industry-leading technology that helps MRO organizations work smarter, achieve measurable results and boost the profit.


Our goal is to raise productivity and innovation-driven growth through adoption of new technology.

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