Sensus MRO – Tackling the challenges of labor shortages in MRO industries

For the aviation MRO industry adopting new practices and new technologies has always been high on the list of priorities; change has always been a constant. However, one of the major hurdles the MRO industry is facing at present is the impending headache of labor shortages and the procurement of highly skilled workers. Thankfully, there […]

Sustainability is impossible without the optimized use of resources

Sustainability has evolved from its place as an industry buzzword, to being regarded as a vital component in the long-term strategy of every successful business. More and more companies are realizing that they, their partners, and their suppliers must strive for zero waste and resource optimization. As a means of reaching these goals within the […]

Revolutionize the RFQs management with ERP Transfer

The aviation industry is booming more than ever before which brings new trends, new business opportunities and more money to everyone. To handle it, is a real challenge. Can you afford to spend a decent amount of time on doing routine tasks, day by day instead of helping to find the right solution for your […]

Enterprise resource Planning

These days, an MRO software solution has to go way beyond managing events in the hangar, explains Mario Pierobon Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has distinctive features when it comes to the aircraft maintenance environment. According to Dan Dutton, Vice President of Aerospace and Defence Product Management at IFS, in the aviation domain the whole ERP […]

TAG Aviation Selects Cutting-Edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

TAG Aviation Maintenance Services has selected Sensus MRO as its future operating system to complement Quantum, its legacy system. Sensus MRO is a web-based and field-proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for the MRO industry. It is developed and supported by a Lithuania based subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group.

Digital Operating System to Transform the MRO Sphere

In the fast-paced industry of aviation MRO, processes that increase job completion speeds, efficiency, or, even more notably, turn around times (TATs) are of the utmost importance. The aviation industry is full of regulations and any MRO service requires a vast number of certifications, signatures, and approvals. Digitalizing the massive amount of data that accompanies the approval of spare parts work speeds up the innovation and digitalization of the entire industry.

Sensus MRO: Enterprise Resource Planning Solution to Revolutionize Aviation MRO

The world of aviation MRO is full of strict deadlines, vital decisions, and intense documentation. With a burden of accountability like that, MRO providers demand the very best tools to help make each step of their work as simple and straightforward as possible. To help those in the aviation MRO industry meet their profound needs, paired with some of the best base maintenance consultants in Europe to develop Sensus MRO, a web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.